Measure Theory - Notes and Videos

Marty Ross

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For a number of years Marty gave a course in measure theory as part of the AMSI summer school. The notes from the final, 2013 version of this course are linked below. (The final notes, Handout 9 on Hausdorff measure and rectifiable sets, are from a separate mini lecture series and go well beyond what was covered in the summer school.)

These lectures were also videotaped in 2006. Unfortunately, the idiots at AMSI apparently wiped the high quality originals. Low res versions are linked below.

Handout 0 − Background Analysis

Handout 1 − Introduction

Handout 2 − General Measures and Lebesgue Measure

Handout 3 − Measurable Sets

Handout 4 − Measurable and Borel Functions

Handout 5 − Integration

Handout 6 − Lp Spaces

Handout 7 − Approximations of Sets and Functions

Handout 8 − Product Measures

Handout 9 − Hausdorff Measure

Handout A − Extra Solutions 1-19

Handout B − Extra Solutions 20-36

Handout C − Extra Solutions 37-64