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Articles on maths education in Australia

Tony Abbott is a liar: It's a mathematical truth, The Age, 29.5.2014, this article also appeared on all the other Fairfax newspaper websites (Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times, Brisbane Times, WAtimes)

Primary maths it's not child's play, yet it is, Education Review, 20.2.2014 (Marty and Joe Grotowski)

Review of the textbook "Mathematical Methods 3 & 4" (Cambridge), Vinculum 2012 (together with Dave Treeby)

New maths curriculum a feeble tool calculated to bore, The Age, 4.3.2010. Our opinion piece on the draft Australian mathematics curriculum.

Summing up a failure, The Age, 23.2.2009 (our backup). Our opinion piece from a year ago, expressing skepticism of the National Curriculum. In the spirit of Michael Williamson, "We tipped this".

Review of Victorian Year 9 Mathematics Texts, Vinculum 2008 (together with Dave Treeby)

Death of Reason, The Age, 14.5.2007

A new approach to limits (updated for 2011), What about mathematics at university? Judge for yourself. B.t.w. the Gazette of the Australian Mathematical Society declined to publish this article.

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