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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


Wish Upon a Star (1996)


TEACHER: All right, test scores are in time to face the music. Mr. Jerrard,….. you need to make this up with me…. very nice ….barely adequate….iich, Alexia….but Haley here, very nice. It is nice seeing someone coming out smelling like a rose. Loose the gum if you would.
So any questions about grades, homework, life in general.
ALEXIA: Mr Watson,
ALEXIA: Can I go to the ladies room please?
TEACHER: What difference does it make.

The exam papers are identical except for the boxes and red markings.

percentage classroom
TEACHER: Test tomorrow, let’s review. Any volunteers?
Haley in ALEXIA:’s body: Yuhu.
TEACHER: ALEXIA:, do you thing you could learn to use the ladies room before you come to class?
HALEY in ALEXIA:’s body: No, I want to try it please.
TEACHER: Try the problem?
ALEXIA: in Haley’s body: You heard her.
TEACHER: Ok, let’s see. A cleaning solution is made up of three chemicals. A, B, and C (Haley writes A,B, and C on the blackboard) So far so good. There are equal amounts of A and B (Haley writes B=A) and four times as much C as there is A (writes C=4A). What percentage of the bottle is full of C. You think you can walk us through this ALEXIA:?
HALEY: Ok, B equals A and C equals four A. Therefore A+A+4A equals 6 A, Therefore your percentage is four A over six A, the As cross out, four six is converted to two thirds. Therefore, the percentage is 66.6%.
TEACHER: Ok, ok. Yeah, anyone agree?
ALEXIA: I definitely agree.

ALEXIA: doing math homework.
ALEXIA: in Hs body: Could you come over here again. I need your help, I still don’t understand this. Paint mixing problem.
Haley in As body: Really, why?
ALEXIA: I keep thinking about those stinky(?) painters next door.
HALEY: Ok, well pretend it’s not paint. Say instead it’s perfume.
ALEXIA: Chanel.
ALEXIA: Ok. Perfume bottle is filled with three different fragments. …A, B, and C. So,
HALEY: So x equals…
ALEXIA: 300?
ALEXIA: Yes, I got it.