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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


Solid Geometry (2002)

It’s all just maths

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As a theoretical exercise I once produced mathematical evidence that the maximal number of possible positions for intercourse cannot exceed the prime number 17.

I have come into possession of certain documents which not only invalidate everything fundamental to our science of solid geometry but also undermine our whole canon of physical laws and force one to redefine one’s place in nature’s scheme. These papers outweigh in importance the combined works of Marx and Darwin. They were the work of a fellow Scot, David Hunter. We met and became friends in Vienna where, along with delegates from another dozen countries, we’d been attending an international conference on mathematics. 14:54
Other maths people at the conference: That we must take the work the ?? work that we have available to us and place it besides Euclid and between both positions we can find the commonality of purpose….
Hunter: Gentlemen, gentlemen I must ask you to forgive this improper form of address but I have something to tell you of the utmost importance. I have discovered the plane without a surface .
Behold gentlemen, the plane without a surface.

Interesting instrument for drawing parallel lines

mathematical drawings
Grandfather: I felt I was operating a system of the highest the most terrifying form of knowledge, the mathematics of the absolute

Dimensionality is a function of conciousness.