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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


Love and Death (1975)

Then there was mother who made the most delicious blintzes in the world.(constructing a blintz mathematically).

Boris with drill sargent.
Boris: 3 comes next if you are having any trouble.

Sonia: Kiss me.
Boris: Which one do you want?
Sonia: Give me number eight.
Boris: Number eight. That’s two fours. That’s easy.

Boris: What would Socrates say? All those Greeks were homosexuals. Boy they must have had some wild parties. I bet they all took a house together on Crete. For the summer.
A: Socrates is a man.
B: All men are mortal.
C: All men are Socrates.
That means all men are homosexuals.

Sonia is presenting one more convoluted logical argument towards the end of the movie.