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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


Insignificance (1985)

Einstein scribbling formulas on a piece of paper.

picks up paper with toes

Senator visits Einstein. Blackboard

More formulas on easle

Marilyn shopping for flashlights etc

Marilyn arrives

Math talk
I attempted to derive the tangential vector qualities of alpha cee squared but while I was keeping tee at infinity.

30:00 Marilyn explains theory of relativity.

MARILYN: You are calculating the shape of space, right?
MARILYN: And when you are finished you have expressed the precise nature of the physical universe.
MARILYN: So, do it tomorrow. It will be here, I won’t.

MARILYN: What is the shape of the universe?
EINSTEIN: It’s not important. You have got things to discuss.
HUSBAND: God dammit, you tell her the shape of the frigging universe. I want to take her home. Tell her. \
MARILYN: Please.
HUSBAND: Tell her.
EINSTEIN: Well, the shape of the universe is difficult to describe. If I were to explain it, it would come out as abstract symbols, but I’ll tell you how to imagine it. Imagine a dot so small that it has zero dimensions. You extend the dot into a one-dimensional line. You turn around the line and you’ve got a two-dimensional circle and you flip the circle and you’ve got a three-dimensional sphere and you got that sphere and you turn it into the 4th dimension and you got the shape of the universe, but…. I know, I know now exactly how you can imagine it. Take a completely solid object, a completely solid object and twist it inside out indefinitely forever and that’s the shape of the universe.
HUSBAND: Bullshit. I tell you what I think it is. I think it’s round like everything else in nature. Like flowers, like the moon and the sun. It’s all based on a circle. You know that? Like the world. I don’t know what you two geniuses think the shape of the world is, but me and Columbus happen to think it’s round. It’s a damn lucky thing for the united states too, for if it wasn’t for Columbus we’d all be Indians. What do you think about that?1:00:22
Merilyn draws pentagram on mirror.

Indian center of the universe talk

1:19: 00
Close to showing the shape of space time

E mc squared