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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


The Ice Storm (1997)

Two boys, Mikey and Sandy.
SANDY: Hey, Mikey?
MIKEY: Yeah?
SANDY: Geometry?
MIKEY: Sure, anything but this English.
Sandy gives Mikey his geometry text book.
SANDY: How come you are so good at math but not at English?
MIKEY: I'm not good at math. Just good at geometry.
MIKEY: It's like, you know when they say "two squared"? You think it means 2 times 2, equals 4? But really they really mean a square. It's really space, it's not numbers, it's space. And it's perfect space, but only in your head, because you can't draw a perfect square in the material world, but in your mind, you can have perfect space. You know?
SANDY: Yeah. But I just need some help with my homework.