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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


Deep Rising (1998)

Everything all-right?
Just peachy.
We are on schedule, are we not?
Oh, you did not hire me for my social graces.
That’s right, we hired you for your reputation. You better live up to it. Where are we?
Right there, middle of nowhere.
And our final destination?
Right….there, middle of nowhere squared.

What the hell are these goddamn things?
I am beginning to feel that our friends here maybe some kind of strange orphew to the keotoa family (??)
Keotoa family. And to think that I was starting to worry.
At 4000 feet the keotoa is about as long as a pencil, with bodies about the size of golf balls, but those at 20000 feet have been found to eat full grown sharks. At 30 or 40000 feet, well you do the math.
So, this is not good.