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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


Better Off Dead (1985)

TEACHER: The three cardinal, trapezoidal formations, hereto made orientable in our diagram by connecting the various points, HIGK, PEGQ and LMNO, creating our geometric configurations, which have no properties, but with location.
ALL: Aah!
TEACHER: are equal to the described triangle CAB quintuplicated. Therefore, it is also the five triangles composing the aforementioned NIGH each are equal to the triangle CAB in this geometric concept!
ALL: (Laughing)
TEACHER: Therefore, in a like manner, the geometric metaphors can derive a repeated vectoral sum. This was your assignment. I would like to see the results, please. Take them out…. Sophia
ALL: Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, please.
TEACHER: And… Buster.
ALL: Me! Me! Please!
TEACHER: And Beth. And…
ALL: Oh, please, please, please!
TEACHER: Mr Myer (our hero who hasn’t done his homework). Please join us at the blackboard and show us your solution to this paltry geometric dilemma.
Hero daydreams and finishes up producing something ridiculous. Everybody is staring at him, when the bell goes.
ALL: Aw! (disappointed that the math class is over.
TEACHER: Now, now, now. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Just remember to memorise pages 39 to 110 for tomorrow’s lesson.
ALL: All right!
SOMEBODY ELSE: Mr Kerber really just makes geometry live.