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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


Baraka X77 (1966)

BOSS: Our whole operation is in jeopardy. Sartan protected his invention by concealing it in a mathematical code.
HENCHMAN: Our electronic computers can crack the most difficult codes invented, sir
BOSS: Well for once, they’ve failed. We’ve got to find the key to Professor Sartan’s code at all cost.
Man1 is talking to man2 on the phone.
MAN: Hello? Ah yes, Baraka. Published by Birman. “Introduction to the Theory of Tensor Equations”. Yes I have that book in the library.
MAN: Good. Will you please verify immediately if Baraka 126 is the key to professor Sartan’s code?
MAN: Yes, Sir. I’ll check on that right away.
We see the computer tapes spinning, presumably in the process of verification.