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Mathematics Goes to the Movies

by Burkard Polster and Marty Ross


That's Adequate (1989)

We are shown a scene of the movie “Einstein on the Bounty”. Albert Einstein (Robert Downey Jr.), as the sea captain of a sailing ship, is talking to his crew, with an active volcano in the background.
EINSTEIN: Whoa! Look at those girls on the beaches. Especially the ones that aren’t on fire. You know, there’s a lot to learn here. You know one can contemplate the secrets of time, space, matter, energy, all that bullshit. Molecules heating, gases expanding, atoms colliding, matter exploding. It’s just fucking brilliant! Wait, wait, now let’s see. I was on to something there. E … equals … m … a … no. The volcano erupts. Jesus Christ! I got it! Time! Space! Matter! Energy! E equals m fucking c squared! Yeah! At that moment, another ship becomes visible. Oh, shit! Look, it’s the pirates from the Berlin academy of Physics. They roam the seas looking for radical physicists with new ideas. Off with their heads! Cut to the fighting.
PIRATE 1: Fuck relativity!
PIRATE 2: Down with new theory!
Einstein is crossing swords with another pirate.
EINSTEIN: E … equals … m … c ... squared … you bad boy!